Working Together Makes Hiring Easier

Working with MaintenanceBest just makes sense & cents! Here’s why!

To hire an individual, there’s a seven-step process you must follow to get that new employee onboard. These are:

  1. Write the job description

  2. Advertise the position

  3. Screen through resumes

  4. Select from potential applicants

  5. Arrange interviews

  6. Suffer through “Ghosting,” applicants that fail to show

  7. Make your selection and arrange onboarding

(P.S. – If the person doesn’t show up, then go back to Step 2 and start over again.)

If we look at this step-by-step, then we can see where using MaintenanceBest really does make sense because it saves you time, saves you money, and offers some other advantages like the elimination of “ghosting.”

  1. Write the job description – this is a client responsibility, but we can even help you here. Job descriptions do not have to sound like something from a second-year law book.  This is an opportunity to get the applicant’s attention.  It shouldn’t be written by the sales & marketing team.  You’re trying to capture the applicant’s attention, not turn them into buyers.  Make it readable and attractive.

  2. Advertise the position – we can definitely help you here. There are tips & tricks to using the major jobs boards. Some companies have sizeable budgets for advertising, but some of the biggest jobs boards are designed to take your money whether you’re successful or not. We know from experience and from working with them daily.  If you are not watching the major jobs boards daily, then their “algorithm” is designed to take your money and get you to spend more money. We use the major jobs boards, but we also have our own jobs board (See Job Openings). With five years in the business and having helped thousands of candidates, many now start their job search with us.

  3. Screen through resumes – we can definitely help you here. Depending upon the job, we may get hundreds of applicants and resumes for a single position. If the wage is anything over $30/hour, every person that’s ever used a screwdriver thinks they’re an industrial maintenance technician. We save you time and effort by only providing you with candidates that actually meet your criteria.

  4. Select from potential applicants – we can definitely help you here. Because we’ve done the screening in #3, we only send you applicants that meet your criteria. To get to this point, we may have made on average 260 calls, screened 100 applicants, and saved you approximately 10 hours of phone calls (See Improving the Odds of Making a Good Hire).

  5. Arrange interviews – we can definitely help you here. Many candidates are hard to get a hold of because of their working schedules. We work with the candidate’s schedule so you don’t have. We’ve made calls at 5 am and as late as 9 – 10 pm because that’s when they are available.

  6. Suffer through “Ghosting,” applicants that fail to show – we most definitely can help you here. We recently asked an HR Director if she was having any issues with hiring. Her response was adamant, “Most definitely not!” Then we asked her if she had problems with candidates ”Ghosting,” not showing for an interview. Her response was telling, “Well of course, but everyone has that problem.”

    MaintenanceBest has eliminated “Ghosting” by taking drone video of our clients’ company. (See How We’ve Successfully Eliminated Candidate “Ghosting”). The drone video shows the candidate exactly where to go while promoting the client company in a way the company cannot, and video builds enthusiasm and excitement about the company. The result is that we’ve had zero “Ghosting” since we started using the drone video.

  7. Make your selection and arrange onboarding – this is a client step. The only thing we would offer is that we have proven time and again that candidates are on the market for about 72 hours before they find a job. (See How You Sabotage Your Own Hiring, Despite Your Best Intentions!). Together, we need to make this happen quickly.

Again, if the person doesn’t show up, then go back to Step 2 and start over again. But with the enthusiasm and excitement we’ve built up for the company, this hasn’t happened.

So, you can see that the successful path to hiring has changed. But with a company such as MaintenanceBest assisting, we can assist you with at five of the seven steps. In the long run, we save you time and money and you get a Good Hire rather than suffering through another Bad Hire.

For more information, contact Jack Evans, (623) 777-0701.

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