Delegation Training Class Description

This class deals with the potentials and the pitfalls of delegating a project to a subordinate. Delegation is a way of getting more done if handled correctly, but delegating correctly is hard to do. The class deals with some of the common reasons why people don’t delegate. Often this is because of self-enhancement bias. That is the perception that they are the only person that can perform the task properly.

Employee Delegation Training Class To delegate properly, the individual must first be able to give good directions. The class provides a 12 step process to be able to delegate successfully and then analyze the results. Next, we discuss good communication skills so the candidate can communicate directions effectively. Finally, we lay out three considerations for what to do when things go wrong.

Who is the target audience for the Delegation Training Class?

The ideal candidate for this is course is any employee of Maintenance Best or anyone seeking employment that may be thrust into a leadership position. The key components are good communication and effective control.

Class Requirements:

Course Includes:

Delegation Training Class - Course Curriculum

Why don’t people delegate
  • Self-enhancement bias – a psychological condition in which an individual is convinced that they are the only one that can produce the results.
  • Reasons for not delegating
    • I’m the only one that can do it right
    • I will look bad for giving it to someone else
    • I’m afraid I don’t have the authority
    • What if they succeed?
How to delegate
  • Must give good directions
    • Don’t rush
    • Give good instructions
    • Treat the individual as an adult. Don’t over control
    • Ask for a demo
  • The 12 steps to delegation success
    • Identify the task to be delegated
    • Trace out the flow of the project
    • Find the right person
    • Explain the assignment
    • Explain the benefits
    • Specify the standards
    • Discuss the deadline(s)
    • Establish a reporting method
    • Encourage them to ask questions
    • Conduct unscheduled status checks (Trust but verify)
    • Evaluate the results
    • Praise / suggest improvements
  • Good Communication Skills required
  • Treat people with respect
    • Organize first
    • Avoid using jargon
    • Never ASS-U-ME
    • Encourage questions
    • Avoid delegating when angry
  • What to do when things go wrong?
    • Focus on solutions
    • Keep your perspective
    • Don’t forget to dissect the results
When never to delegate
  • When there might be a question of status or ego
  • If there is a substantial risk because it’s bad news
  • Does it involve giving direction to another subordinate
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    Delegation Training Class Testimonials

    Wow! I took Maintenance Best’s Delegation Training Class and I know feel like I have a much better handle on managing my employees to ensure work gets done in timely, efficient manner.