Interview Training Class Description

An interview can be a difficult experience without proper preparation. The interviewer is trying to make an honest assessment of the candidate and the candidate needs to demonstrate that they are the most qualified for the job. The class provides tips and techniques critical to landing that job from how to prepare, what to wear, how to answer questions, and what to ask.

Free Interview Training Class The class provides some simple but effective “rules” to follow to make that first impression a positive one. We cover things like what to wear, non-verbal communication, preparing to listen and how to answer questions using What-How-Results. The What-How-Results format s an effective but succinct way of communicating a candidate’s accomplishments. It provides the highlights in a thoughtful, measured manner without the rambling, disjointed answers that some candidates revert to when they are unprepared.

Who is the Interview Training Class for?

The ideal candidate for this is course is any employee of Maintenance Best or anyone seeking employment. The key components are preparation and being able to relax once engaged in the interview.

Class Requirements:

Course Includes:

Interview Training Class - Course Curriculum

  • Preparation
    • Allows you to feel more confident and relaxed
    • Take MaintenanceBest courses
    • Look at their website
    • See if you can find out any news about the company
    • Do a dry run with someone you trust
  • First Impressions
  • What to wear?
    • You want to dress in something that conveys a positive attitude on your part.
  • Rules for arrival
    • Always show up a little early
    • Allow for problems like traffic
    • Go by ahead of time if possible
    • Be polite to everyone
    • Never chew gum
    • Have clean copies of your resume
  • Non-verbal communication is important. Rules for:
    • Gestures
    • Eye contact
    • Body language
  • Rules for questions – What will they ask?
  • Listening is hard
  • What – How – Results answer format
    • What did you do?
    • How did you do it?
    • What were the Results?
  • Answer suggestions
    • Display enthusiasm
    • Provide reasons
    • Talk to training
  • Kinds of questions 
    • Types of questions
    • Use MaintenanceBest training as an answer
    • Be prepared for the “off-guard” question
  • Candidate questions – What you should ask.
    • Always ask questions
    • Questions about success and core values are always good
  • Follow-up = a thank you is always appropriate

If you have questions about our training classes or about Maintenance Best, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.