How We’ve Successfully Eliminated Candidate “Ghosting”

Let’s face it, some people would rather have a root canal than go to an interview.  To many, interviewing is a painful process.  It’s also painful for the companies when they have a lot of no-shows.  

We recently met with an HR Director and asked her about the company’s hiring process.  She said they weren’t having any problems.  When we asked about “ghosting,” her answer was typical.  “Of course we have lots of no-shows,” she said, “but doesn’t everyone?”

Ever since we started videoing client companies using drones to showcase their operations, we’ve seen the elimination of “Ghosting,” the failure of candidates to show for interviews.  These videos are a FREE service we provide because it’s so beneficial.  It sounds crazy, but here are some of the reasons why drone video is extremely effective.

Inform – 

First, there is the unknown of “Where do I go?”  Some companies are difficult to find or they have multiple entrances.  Now if you are an employee at any of these companies, you probably don’t even notice the difficulty.  You’ve been using the same back entrance for years, but here are three examples of problems we’ve seen and of which there are many.

  1. One huge facility has an address on Hardy but the entrance is off of Broadway.  There’s no parking on Hardy, you have to enter via Broadway.  There’s a parking lot on Hardy, but it’s a different company.

  2. A huge corporation has a facility with entrances off of two different avenues.  Parking Lot A, the parking lot in front of the main entrance that candidates are looking for, is actually blocked by a metal gate to keep trucks out.  To get to the Parking Lot A, candidates must drive into the parking area of a separate facility and then drop down into the lot where they need to go.

  3. The parking area for company with multiple buildings sits at the end of a cul-de-sac behind a large fence.  You actually go up into the parking lot of a ball field to swing around and see behind the fence to get to where you need to go.

There are many more examples, but we offer these as a few that we know about.  And we know about these because we’ve had to go through the sometimes painful mental process to find them.  In a short video, we highlight the entrance to the building or facility so the candidates know exactly where to go.  Anxiety eliminated!

Promote – 

In a two-minute video we can introduce the company and highlight the company’s history and any unique aspects of working for the company.  We talk about the company’s benefits, provide key facts about the company, and describe some of the job details.

  1. The video can provide an overview of the company’s benefits package. Some companies have an amazing benefits scheme of which they are justifiably proud.  But if a candidate never shows for the interview, how will the candidate ever know? 

  2. Some companies have unique aspects to the company which they like to tout.  Maybe they are the Best in Arizona or the Largest in West or something like that.  We had one that handled over 120 huge trucks per day.  After watching our video, the candidates realized how significant that was.  We help promote the company so candidates walk-in with a very positive viewpoint of the company.

  3. Finally, we are able to give some details about the facility and the job.  The candidate gets to see where they will be working and sometimes we provide video of in and around the facility.  All of this is done to give them a higher comfort level of for the job and the company.

Much of this material is in on the client company’s webpage, but if no one views the webpage then how does is transfer to the candidate?  The answer is that it doesn’t, but we take care of that with a short video.

Build Confidence – 

After watching the video, the candidate arrives at the interview confident about the company and the job.  Gone are much of the anxiety of where to go and do I really want to work for this company.  Our videos build excitement and enthusiasm.  Some have said the music makes the videos sound like the trailer for a Jason Bourne action adventure.

  1. The candidates arrive knowing where they are supposed to go.

  2. They know key information about the company, and 

  3. They know about the job.

All of this allows the candidate to walk in more informed and confident for the interview.  The company gets a better picture of the candidate and who they really are.  The candidate has a more positive view of the company.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

The results for our clients have been significant and dramatic.  Since we started providing this FREE service, every candidate has shown for their scheduled interview.  For more information and a free consultation, contact Jack Evans (623) 777-0701 or

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