Mission Statement

The mission of MaintenanceBest is to help our candidates excel in their chosen field and provide the best possible candidates to our client companies.

We Train Leaders

As a military veteran owned and operated company, MaintenanceBest knows the value to an organization of discipline, structure, and leadership that even an entry level position can offer. So, the company offers a unique leadership training experience of which all candidates can take advantage whether they are looking to be a Lead, Supervisor, or Manager in the not too distant future.

We strive to enhance our opportunity for repeat placement through careful screening and matching the best candidate with the right opportunity. This results in a perfect engagement for everyone concerned.

Meet Jack Evans
CEO of MaintenanceBest.com

Mr. Jack Evans is an entrepreneur and a recognized authority in business development and staffing. This includes aviation and aviation services, airport management and staffing services. Since 2001, Evans has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of four companies. These include one former Lockheed subsidiary, and three companies that he started. Using his staffing and management skills, in 2005 he formed a new aviation service company, Total Airports Services (TAS). Starting from nothing, he grew TAS from 9 people to well over 2,100 team members and recently sold it for well over 9 figures.

Evans is a Veteran who served 26 years with the U. S. Air Force and retired as a command pilot, instructor pilot, and a Maintenance Officer with over 3,500 hours of jet time. His last assignments were as Commander of two bases in Panama and then a base in Georgia supporting 25,000 military and civilians. As a Maintenance Officer he commanded two different maintenance squadrons, a flying squadron, a group, and a wing in Georgia.

One of my most interesting assignments was working at the Pentagon for Gen Colin Powell. “The President of the United States has a lot of military assets that support him,” explains Evans. “I used to play the President in exercises to make sure everything worked properly if the President ever needed them. When I left, they gave me a miniature Oscar for my portrayal as President Clinton,” continued Evans.

With 48 years of maintenance and staffing experience, Evans is now CEO and cofounder of MaintenanceBest.com. A strong proponent of training and safety, “The key to MaintenanceBest is helping people. We are providing a service to our candidates,” said Evans. Adding “We help our candidates succeed in interviews, on the job, and in life by being better than the rest, to really be the best. We are using training techniques that have been developed and perfected over the last 20 years.” MaintenanceBest has numerous courses for Job, Skills, and Leadership training to help the candidates excel in all areas.

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E-Verify Compliant

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