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With over 40 years of experience in working with qualified job candidates for all levels, our unique platform can develop candidates for entry, mid-level and senior level positions.

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All Job Candidates Are Screened

Candidate Screening

If you ask anyone that’s ever done any recruiting, they will tell you that if you place a job ad then you will get hundreds of unqualified resumes. The trick is to weed out the “wannabe’s” from those that are really qualified. MaintenanceBest has a three-step screening process to find the right candidate.

The first screening is a basic review of the resume. Does the candidate have anything in their background that makes them a potential match? Let’s say the requirement is for a journeyman electrician. The first step is to eliminate sandwich artistes who thought the pay sounded good. The second level is a series of screening questions to eliminate those that are close, but not a true match to the Host company’s actual requirements. The third level is a personal interview with each candidate to get more details about the individual candidate. Does the candidate have the skills and experience the Host company needs? Only when a candidate passes all three levels of screening do we forward a candidate for a Host company review.

Candidate Screening

All Job Candidates Are Trained

Candidate Training

MaintenanceBest uses the latest in e-learning training software to train our candidates. This software, in combination with our proprietary training videos and printed materials, allow candidates to improve their knowledge and abilities in three areas: Skills Training, Job Training, and Leadership Training.

The Skills Training allows candidates to gain self-confidence and perform better from their initial interview up to and including the job for which they are hired. The Jobs Training covers all of the required OSHA requirements plus additional safety training like Fire Training and Risk Management. The Leadership training allows candidates to excel in senior positions from Lead to Supervisor to Manager.

The classes are free and open to all MaintenanceBest candidates. And since 76% of our candidates do not own a computer, they are especially designed to be compatible with anything from a computer to a smartphone. For a nominal fee, Client companies may also take advantage of this training.

Candidate Training
Candidate Testing

All Job Candidates Are Tested

Candidate Testing

All of MaintenanceBest’s courses are online and compatible with a smartphone. Each of the courses have a test that candidates must pass in order to get credit. Certificates are then placed in a candidate’s folder to certify training and test completion.

To appeal to the age and background of our candidates, MaintenanceBest uses gamification and repetition to enhance our training. Candidates are tested on the subject matter through a variety of games and puzzles. And much like many online games of today, they can advance to higher levels in the program while achieving badges and awards along the way.

Our Online Training

We work with employers to help fill their open positions with our highly qualified, carefully screened, and well-trained job candidates.

What People Are Saying

Carlos L.

I’m a trained Engineer that moved to this country in 2018. I was making $16/hour. MaintenanceBest got me a job that uses my training. Now I have a job with a future and make $27.63/hour.

Jose G.

I have a family of four and needed to find a job making more money. MaintenanceBest coached me on how to answer the pay question. By knowing how to answer, I am now making $28/hour rather than $23/hour.

Dakota C.

They do an amazing job. I applied online and had a new, better job within 3 hours.

Peter R.

They really do cater to their candidates. I applied for one job, but they found a better one for me. Now I am making more money closer to my home.

Delores G.

I had a problem in my background and a red-mark on my record. I could only find minimum wage jobs, but MaintenanceBest found a job where I could use my skills and now I am making $23/hour. They made a huge difference.

I went through a rough period about 10 years ago. Even with that MaintenanceBest found me an Industrial Maintenance job making $28/hour and now things are looking really good.