How Does Your Business Measure Success?

A few years ago, a legacy air carrier was facing financial difficulty. As a service company, we could see huge amounts of waste. The carrier’s corporate office was trying to cut costs and remain competitive with new low-cost carriers. The carrier was looking at outsourcing things that previously had been off limits to any kind of outsourcing discussion.

The carrier’s station manager at one of its major hubs had a different idea. To him, headcount was more important than profitability. While he would never admit it, headcount conveyed size, responsibility, it was an ego thing. His justification was based on a lot of emotional arguments rather than empirical data. As the corporate office directed more cuts, he actually started taking back in-house services previously outsourced.

History has shown that the station manager was wrong. Some low-cost carriers have built their entire business model on outsourcing and those carriers are now very successful. The station manager eventually did leave and the carrier outsourced and now the carrier is profitable again.

In a time when businesses must be profitable by striving to be more competitive, headcount to satisfy someone’s ego is something that can change. Some will justify increased headcount using the emotional arguments of decreased safety, higher training costs, and lower productivity. The success of low-cost carriers does not support that argument.

Long-term relationships with an employment and recruiting agency with a good risk management program and online training can meet a company’s staffing needs, provide trained job candidates, and do it at a reduced cost to the host company.

The advantage to a company such as Maintenance Best is that we provide online training classes using Moodle software. Moodle is the leader in e-Learning software with over 70 million users. We even use the Moodle Mobile App so candidates can learn on their smartphone.

Candidates take the training at no cost to the employer. Our online training courses include things like lead, supervisor, and even managerial training. Additionally, we offer classes on OSHA awareness and risk management training. All of these are provided free to our job candidates.

So if you are a company looking for improved profitability and more time to concentrate on your core business, look at a recruitment and employment agency such as Maintenance Best.

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