Manager’s Training Class Description

The 5 video manager’s course and accompanying 129-page manual are designed for the new manager who may not have been in that leadership position before or as a refresher for returning managers. It starts by defining the attributes, competencies, and skills required of a manager. Managers Training Class - Square

A manager needs to be a manager of resources and a leader to his organization. The videos and manual outline various styles and how each can be effective in given situations. It also outlines how a Manager deals with change, sets the standards for the organization and deals with discipline.

The videos and manual also provide tools and techniques for dealing with the human resource issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, difficult employees, counseling, and evaluations. The course also provides communication and training tips.

As safety is important to the manager and his organization, the videos and manual deal in detail with safety and risk management. They also cover resource management, covering issues such as setting schedules, preventive maintenance, labor hours, and other management tips.

Both the videos and the manual conclude with what a manager needs to know about managing money and customer service; providing a recommended way of measuring customer satisfaction

Who is the target audience for the Manager’s Training Class?

The ideal candidate for this course is any employee of Maintenance Best or anyone seeking employment that may need tips on how to succeed as a manager.

Class Requirements:

Course Includes:

Manager's Training Class - Course Curriculum

Introduction to being a Manager
  • Management by the Numbers
    • Introduction to Management
    • A Manager’s Attributes
    • A Manager’s Competencies
    • A Manager’s Skills
    • Three Levels of Responsibility
    • Dealing with Change
    • Management summary
  • Leader or Manager
    • The Basics
    • Leadership – Knowing Yourself
    • Leadership Styles
    • Setting Standards
    • Discipline
  • Knowing Your Job
    • What Are Your Duties
    • Who Do You Work For
    • What Are the Rules
    • What is the Measure of Success
    • Who’s in Charge
  • Leading Your Team
    • Self-discipline
    • Leadership Errors – What Not to Do
    • Employee Motivation
    • Breaking Away from the Norm
    • Leadership Summary
  • Human Resource (HR) Policies
    • Introduction to HR
    • Principles of Good Human Relations
    • Discrimination
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Appraisals
    • Recruiting
    • Hiring
    • Guide to Interviewing
    • Counseling
    • Difficult Employees
    • Firing
    • Retention & Recognition
    • Unions
    • HR summary
  • Communication
    • Listening
    • Non-verbal Communication
    • What? – How? – Results
    • Staff Meetings
    • Email
  • Training
    • Training Philosophy
    • Training Strategy
    • Training Policy
    • Training Folders
    • Training summary
  • Safety – It’s Important
    • Safety for Everyone
    • Legal Requirements for Safety
    • As a Manager, What You Need to Know
    • The Accident Report
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    • Checklists
  • Risk Management (RM) Program
    • Risk Management Basics
    • Probability vs. Severity
    • Control Measures
    • RM summary
  • Managing Money
    • What Do You Need to Know About Money
    • Business Units
    • Gross Profit
    • Profit Margin
    • Overtime
    • Expense Control
    • Pricing
    • Budgeting
    • Managing Money Summary
  • Customer Service
    • Keys to Quality Customer Service
    • Quality Customer Service and the Organization
    • Customer Service – The Ultimate Question
    • How Do You Handle Problems & Complaints

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