How To Compete in Today’s Maintenance Job Market?

Neither the Warriors nor the Eagles won championships by waiting until game day to show up and toss a ball around. It required self-discipline, preparation, and great coaching.

Getting that ideal job requires the same skillset. There are three things you can do to prepare yourself for “the big game.”

First, look at your resume. It generally gets 5-6 seconds to be noticed. In that time, does it present a positive first impression or is it like the countless hundreds we see?

Most do not display well.

Start by following our resume tips and techniques and you will be in the top 25%. Does it showcase your skills and work experience? Is it targeted to the position?

Second, what have you done to distinguish yourself from the other 100 resumes and employer is looking at? At Maintenance Best, we believe that training is critical. We offer FREE online training to set you apart from the competition. Take our online training and then use those things to blow away any interviewer. That places you in the top 10%.

Better yet, take one of our leadership courses. We have FREE training for leads, supervisors, and managers. When an interviewer asks you how you work with a team, you can explain in detail any of the recommendations from our leadership manuals.

Finally, there’s the interview. Do you know how to prepare, how to answer questions, and what questions to ask? We explain all of that and there is no catch! Companies are looking for talent and it’s our job to provide what they need. Do all of these things and now you are in the top 2%. Big difference!

You provide the self-discipline and preparation. We provide the coaching to give you the opportunity. Let’s work together.

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