Resume Training Class Description

The key to a good resume is presenting a professional appearance that is tailored for the job the candidate is pursuing. Reviewers may look at 300 resumes in a day. A candidate’s resume may only have 5-6 seconds to get noticed before it is accepted or discarded. To be accepted, the resume needs to appear unique to the position and professional without appearing odd.

Who is the Resume Training Class for?

The ideal candidate for this is course is any employee of Maintenance Best or anyone seeking employment that may need further tips with their resume.

Class Requirements:

Course Includes:

Resume Training Class - Course Curriculum

  • Tips for resumes
    • Use professional contact info
    • Show consistency in employment
    • One size does not fit all
    • Set it apart from others
  • Many different formats. Examples include:
    • Creative
    • Crisp & Clean
    • Polished
    • Bold
    • Balanced
  • Your contact info is professional
  • Your resume is tailored
  • All in one or two pages
  • Think What – How – Results
  • Display skills
  • Uses reverse chronological order

If you have questions about our training classes or about Maintenance Best, please feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.