Temporary Workers – The Good, The Bad & The Solution

Having a temporary worker fill a position is a great way to see if a job candidate will fit into your culture before you commit to hiring. That’s the good. But I’ve interviewed hundreds of job candidates that looked great on paper, sounded great in an interview, and then fell short once they were hired.

With a temporary worker, you get 90 – 120 days of actual work performance before you have to decide to bring them onboard. Then if you have a probationary period, you get that additional amount of time before you commit to keeping that position.

But temporary workers can present challenges. They must be more than just a warm body filling a position. As the employer, you don’t need someone that takes shortcuts, ignores safety protocols, and creates problems for you with OSHA. That’s the bad.

Enter Maintenance Best with the solution. Maintenance Best has online training for our candidates that covers all areas recommended by OSHA. Job candidates must take classes and be “certified” in fire safety, OSHA awareness, and our special training for temporary workers.

Our training is unique because it uses the latest online gamification techniques. Many of your employees already play games online. What we’ve done is use that interest to encourage and motivate our candidates to not only take the classes but to excel. Candidates earn badges, rise in level, and earn certificates for additional training. The training covers job and Skills Training and even leadership training from Lead to General Manager.

Have a vacancy to fill? See if a well-trained, temporary worker from Maintenance Best might be the answer for you. As the employer, you get the good without the bad with our solution.

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