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How Does Partnering with a Staffing Agency Make More Cents?

Would you believe that larger companies, like Amazon and United Airlines, are using staffing companies to handle many of the personnel aspects of their business?  They have made this choice because they have seen there are tremendous financial advantages. Airlines used


5 Misconceptions About Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are critical to the U.S. economy across all industries and employ 16 million employees annually.  Many of those employees are filling in the gaps in the Industrial sector (36%) and Office – Clerical/Administrative sector (24%). As prevalent as


Safer Workplace Equals More Profitability

The safety of your employees is not only fundamentally important, but how can it save your company significant time and money? In 2021, there were 2.2 million recordable nonfatal injuries in the private sector according to the U.S. Department of


72 Hours is The “Magic Number” When Hiring

When jobs were tight and candidates were plentiful, companies could be more relaxed and lackadaisical with their hiring process. They could pick and choose candidates at their leisure. Unfortunately, the times have changed and some hiring managers are still operating


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