5 Misconceptions About Partnering with a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are critical to the U.S. economy across all industries and employ 16 million employees annually.  Many of those employees are filling in the gaps in the Industrial sector (36%) and Office – Clerical/Administrative sector (24%).

As prevalent as staffing agencies are, there is still no shortage of misconceptions surrounding them.  Unfortunately, there exists a considerable amount of confusion relative to the role of a staffing organization within the larger hiring matrix.  So, our team at MaintenanceBest is dispelling 5 of the most common myths we hear and we’re telling the facts:


Myth #1: Using a Staffing Agency is Expensive

This is one of the biggest uncertainties we hear when meeting with new companies: they’re worried it’s going to cost them an arm and a leg.  Understandably so, companies do not want to engage in wasteful spending.  An immediate assumption that many have is that partnering with a third-party must be more expensive than just handling everything in-house.

What our client companies are most surprised to find out, after we go through the numbers with them, is that strategically partnering with MaintenanceBest can actually lower costs.  Think of all the time and money spent by your company advertising the job position (Job Boards, career fairs, etc), finding candidates, reviewing hundreds of resumes, scheduling interviews, conducting interviews (perhaps even getting “ghosted” by candidates), selecting a candidate, drug testing, and then eventually onboarding and training.

It’s an exorbitant process from beginning to end and MaintenanceBest could bear the load of costs for you!  For any temp-to-hire positions, MaintenanceBest also covers all Worker’s Comp & payroll costs as well as handles any and all HR issues that arise. 

Myth #2: Staffing Agencies Don’t Understand Your Needs

MaintenanceBest understands that cultural fit is essential to a candidate’s success in a new job so we strive to identify candidates who share the same values, work ethics, and beliefs as the hiring company.  Our local MaintenanceBest team discusses with the client company the specific requirements for each job position.  We don’t just send “warm bodies”, but rather qualified candidates who have been screened, trained and tested.

Myth #3: Staffing Agencies Don’t Provide Full-time Employees

While there is a reputation for staffing agencies only providing temporary employment, MaintenanceBest actually offers various hiring options tailored to the needs of the employer.  We work one-on-one with each company to determine what services would best fit their requirements.  This may include temp-to-hire positions or it could include apprenticeships, part-time or full-time employees: flex hire, direct hire, and seasonal.  Also, MaintenanceBest can successfully fill just about any role, from entry-level clerical to highly-specialized, hard-to-fill positions, like an Industrial Maintenance Engineer.

Myth #4: Outsourcing will Delay the Job Search

First of all, any position that sits unfilled is costly for a company because it results in lost output.  While recruiting candidates is one of many managerial tasks for an HR department, at MaintenanceBest, that is our specialty.  We find the best talent.  Staffing agencies have a large pool of pre-screened and qualified candidates, and they can match candidates to job openings based on their skills, experience, and qualifications.  MaintenanceBest is an expert at sourcing candidates, performing screenings and providing candidates in a timely and efficient manner.  We do not waste any time filling your open positions.

Myth #5: You Don’t Need a Staffing Agency if you Have an In-house HR Department:

We hear very often “our company can recruit candidates itself”.  Yes, but there are two main components that are crucial to a successful hiring process which companies may not have an excess of: time and specialized skills.  Even if you company has an HR Department, it can still be timely and overwhelming to fill jobs in a quick and efficient manner.  This is especially true if they are in a specialized field.  In the best scenario, our MaintenanceBest recruiting team complements your HR department, working directly in tandem with them to supplement in-house efforts. We can take the recruiting qualified candidates off the HR’s plate so the department can focus on other critical obligations for the company.


Hiring is not an overnight process and finding qualified talent remains challenging.  Spending numerous hours reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and determining salaries takes precious time away from a company’s revenue-making activities.  Reach out to MaintenanceBest today to find out how we can save your company money, help fill your open positions with qualified talent, and speed up your hiring process: 623-777-0701.

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