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We are Now Expanding to Clerical and Administrative Positions

Clerical and Administrative staff are often the unsung heroes of the business world.  They help multiple departments operate more efficiently by answering phones, filing paperwork, and performing other critical tasks for the company.  These positions play a vital role in ensuring everything

Phoenix Arizona with its downtown lit by the last rays of sun at the dusk.

AZ: Economic Development Reaches New Records

Anyone who just survived July 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona knows that it was a brutally HOT one! Climatologist have reported that July has gone down in the history books as the hottest month ever in Phoenix and the hottest month

Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA checklist documents. Industry employee working on virtual touchscreen selects osha document icon.

OSHA’s New Program to Prevent Workplace Hazards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has recently launched a National Emphasis Program (NEP) aimed at reducing workplace hazards in high-risk environments. These high-risk environments primarily include warehouses, distribution centers and high injury rate retail establishments. In the past


Now Handling Light Industrial Positions

Light industrial jobs in manufacturing, production and warehousing are the backbone of the American economy. From entry-level to seasoned professionals, MaintenanceBest has now expanded our employment services to include light industrial positions.  We will work with you to assess your


6 Things To Remove From Your Resume

Resume writing can be a time-consuming and difficult task. However, if you want one that says “Hire Me!” and gets the attention of hiring managers, every section of your resume needs to be constructed thoughtfully. That’s why it’s best not


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