Training in the 21st Century

moodle is free, open-source software

Does your company have one-time or even recurring training that all employees must take?  If you have even a moderate turnover rate then it can cause problems. Turnover and training can eat up personnel, resources, time and money. But there is an alternative.

moodle is a free, open-source learning management system.  It combines the benefits of online education with traditional classroom teaching methods.  

The instructor and student can be at separate locations. The classroom is flipped.  That means the student can get the instruction at home while participating in discussions, doing homework, and collaborating online under the guidance of an instructor.

Train with a Smartphone

moodle even has a mobile app that allows employees to take the classes on their smartphone.   Over 76% of our candidates have smartphones but no computer. They access our courses, connect with other participants, and even take the tests on their smartphone.  The instructor can see notes and assignments from the employee as well as receive feedback.  All of this from the employee’s smartphone, in or out of the classroom.

While moodle is extremely flexible and powerful, its many options can be challenging if you’re not extremely computer savvy.  Fortunately moodle has what they call moodlepartners.  These are certified moodle experts.  We used ELearning Experts.  They tout their ability to build relationships and they really were great at tailoring a program for us.  With ELearning Expert’s help, we were able their to get our site up and running with minimal difficulty.

moodle allows various teaching methods

Now we use our online training to provide both required and optional training to all of our candidates.  They access videos and slide presentations and take tests in a variety of ways.  That keeps the training interesting, interactive, and memorable and they can do it all from their smartphone.

So if you want to stimulate your training program and make it 21st Century friendly check out moodle. It allows employees to take classes from their smartphone in comfortable and memorable way.  Plus it makes learning a lot more fun!

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