Hiring? “Try Before You Buy”

You wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive.  Why do you hire someone before you see if they fit into your team?  With a Temporary worker, you can “try them out” before you commit to hiring them with a Temp-to-Perm arrangement.  There are three great reasons for using this option. 

  1. Skills – Fact or Fiction?  Some people have great resumes.  Some have great interviews.  But there seems to be a growing tendency of applicants to “fabricate” jobs, skills, and experience.  With a Temporary employee, you can see if the actual performance matches the resume and the interview BEFORE you actually hire them.
  • Reliability – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow!  You are producing something or providing a service.  You need someone that’s dependable and reliable.  Some people appear to be reliable for a short time, but soon fall into a destructive pattern.  They start coming up with all kinds of excuses for why they cannot be there on time.  With a Temp-to-Perm arrangement you figure this out. 
  • Values – Match or Mismatch?  A difference in values is the greatest cause for failure of an individual fitting into an organization.  If you need honesty and the new employee has a tendency toward deceit, there is no way they will fit into your culture on a long-term basis.  They may hide it for a while, but the differences will soon materialize usually at the worst possible time.

With a Temporary worker you have the opportunity of getting to know the employee whether it’s 90, 120, or even a 150-day period.  In that interim, you get to see the “real” person before they are brought onto your team.

Finally, maybe the main reasons for using a Temp-to-Perm arrangement are the Human Resource issues.  With an employee that falters for any of the reasons above, you must start compiling a paper trail.  There may be counseling, corrective action plans, and confrontations.  With a Temporary employee you just give us a call. Tell us it’s not working and you get a replacement.  You avoid the hassle.

The advantage of using Maintenance Best is that we really do train, test, and screen.  You don’t just get a warm body.  If you are using an agency now, ask to see their required OSHA training program.  Many provide it in name only.  Maintenance Best can show you theirs on your smart phone.

So “Try Before You Buy” and give us a call.

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