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The key to a good resume is presenting a professional appearance that is tailored for the job you are pursuing. Reviewers may look at 300 resumes in a day. Your resume may only have 5-6 seconds to get noticed before it is accepted or discarded. To be accepted, you need to appear unique to the position and professional without appearing odd.

The first step is having professional contact information. Cute nicknames won’t cut it. You want to keep your resume to one-two pages. When describing your skills and accomplishments, think about What – How – Results. What did you do? How did you do it? And what were the Results?

Make sure you highlight your skills and employment history should show consistency and be listed in reverse chronological order for your employment. One size does not fit all in resumes. If you are going after different types of jobs, each resume should be tailored to the job you’re pursuing.

There are many different kinds of resume formats. You need one that looks professional, gets their attention, and highlights the skills related to the position for which you are trying to be selected.