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This class deals with the potentials and the pitfalls of delegating a project to a subordinate. Delegation is way of getting more done if handled correctly.

But delegating correctly is hard to do. There are some common reasons why people don’t delegate. Some people do not delegate because of self-enhancement bias. That is the perception that they are the only person that can perform the task properly. We also deal with some of the common excuses of why people do not delegate.

To delegate properly, the individual must first be able to give good directions. We provide a 12 step process to be able to delegate successfully and then analyze the results. Next, we discuss good communications skills so you can communicate effectively. Finally, we lay out three considerations for what to do when things go wrong.

There are also some occasions when you should never delegate. These include: 1. When there might be a question of status or ego to the recipient. 2. If there is a substantial risk because you have to convey bad news. And 3. Does in involve a question where a subordinate might be directing a fellow subordinate with greater or equal seniority or status?

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