Temporary Worker Safety Training

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Protecting Temporary Workers’ safety is a critical aspect of complying with OSHA’s Temporary Worker Initiative. For a staffing company, this includes the following:

– Ensuring that workers know what their rights are and are free to exercise them, and

– Ensuring that Host Employers

o Take proper precautions to be OSHA compliant,

o Train the employees as required,

o Provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),

o Follow the proper steps for OSHA record keeping and Hazard Communication, and

o Ensure that safety measures are taken related to bloodborne pathogens.

There are critical things that Temporary Workers need to know to ensure their safety. Depending on the job, these may include knowledge of PPE, the OSHA record keeping system involving injuries & illnesses suffered on the job, the chemicals found at the job site, how to operate powered industrial vehicles such as forklifts, and the potential risks and protective measures related to bloodborne pathogens.

The MB training program covers the information Temporary Workers need to know on the job to work safely. The class also covers the responsibilities of the Host Employer and what the Temporary Workers can do when confronted with an injury or unhealthy situation.