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This is a three video Lead course and accompanying 51 page, proprietary manual designed for the first-time team leader who may not have been in a leadership position directing a group prior to this. It starts by defining the Lead’s role in directing a team and their job as it fits into a business unit.

Safety of the team is important. A Lead sets the example in keeping his team safe. So the video and the manual explain the role of the Lead in any safety and risk management program.

The video and manual also provide tools and techniques for communication, leadership. and training your team. Time management and resource planning are important to a Lead’s success. The video and manual provide examples of how to plan your time and better utilize the resources for which you are responsible.

As a first-time leader, you may be confronted with difficult human resource issues such as discrimination, sexual harassment and difficult employees. The course covers these situations and provides recommendations on how to deal with these issues.

The course also deals with customer service and the money matters a Lead needs to know to succeed as a first-time leader.