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The class covers fire safety in the workplace including; fire basics, how to respond to a fire, general fire precautions, and employer and employee responsibilities for fire safety.

Fire needs three things; air, fuel, and heat.  There are four types of fuel and four types of fire extinguishers to fight each type of fire (.

Your action in responding to a fire depends on its size.  For small fires, remember the acronym RACE – Rescue, Alarm, Contain, and Extinguish.  Also, only fight the fire if it’s safe to do so and you have been trained and you have an exit at your back for escape.  For big fires sound an alarm, close all doors and evacuate the area.

Shop safety is critical to preventing fires.  We also provide a checklist for fire safety.

Employers and employees have responsibilities for fire safety.  Employers must 1. have a fire prevention plan, 2 maintain escape routes, 3. carry out regular risk assessments, 4. have an evacuation plan, 5. remove hazards, 6. maintain signage, and 7. have an alarm system.  Employees must 1. know where the fire exits are, 2. know where the fire fighting equipment is, 3. know where the fire alarms are.

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