How do you make more money?

If you want to maximize your pay, please read this. You’re looking for a job. You see one on our Jobs Board that lists a pay range. Let’s say $20-$25/hour. The employer doesn’t know you so they are obviously thinking $20. You are automatically thinking $25. How do you convince them that you are correct and they should agree?

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As the old adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. What is the very first step in making that impression? It’s your resume – your resume – your resume! You must have a resume that is tailored to the job!

What is the purpose of the resume? The first thing is to get you noticed, but there are limits.You may be 1 of 300 people that are competing for a position. People reviewing resumes don’t have hours to pour over every detail of a resume. Your resume may have 5-6 seconds to get noticed before it gets placed in the “Pass” pile.

I had a candidate the other day that forwarded his resume to me. He was competing for a lucrative Plant Maintenance position. His resume was more in line with a General Maintenance position. Not once did he mention Plant Maintenance.

In addition, he had one job that was unrelated to Plant Maintenance, but it had 15 lines of verbiage dedicated to this non-related job. I recommended he tailor the resume to Plant Maintenance and that he bulletize the key parts of his jobs. But this guy was so proud of his resume, that he pulled his name from consideration rather than change a single word. If he had been competing for that job at $20-$25/hour, it’s doubtful whether he would have made it to the interview never mind getting anything more than $20/hour.

How could he have gotten the $25/hour? First, tailor it to Plant Maintenance. In every job he had, highlight the things that relate to Plant Maintenance. Next, use bullets. DO NOT use long paragraphs of verbiage. No one has time to read all that. If you want to write long paragraphs of prose, write a book!

Finally, make sure it has the “correct” words. With every job he had, he needed to have Plant Maintenance, Plant Maintenance, Plant Maintenance – if it was appropriate.

Do those things and you are starting off on the right foot to making the kind of first impression that will allow you to be competitive for $25/hour. Now the second step is nail the interview.
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